Best way to conceive a boy

You are in need for a son to fulfill your family with this gift of God. So you are looking for the best way to conceive a boy. There is not a single method that will give you success, rather you will have to follow a number of tips for this purpose. You will have to take care of your food, your sex timing and the position of your making love. Combination of all these steps will ensure and effect the gender of your baby and you will be able to conceive a boy. There are a number of ways to do this, however following is a set of best ways to conceive a boy. Although despite of following them, there is no guarantee that you will conceive a boy, however there is no any loss in practicing them.

Timing of intercourse:

You should take a minute care of the timing of your intercourse. It is most important factor in determining the sex of your child. In order to conceive a boy, you will have to limit the timing of your intercourse. It should be not more than 12 hours before the time of your ovulation. If you have it before the 12 hours from your time of ovulation, there will be chances to conceive a girl. If you have it more than 24 hours before you ovulate, there will be more than 90% chances that you will conceive a female baby. So limit your timing of intercourse as prescribed if you are searching how to conceive a boy. It is one of the best home remedies for baby boy.

Deep Penetration:

If you want to learn how to conceive a boy, you will have to choose a proper sex position that will help deep penetration. Deep penetration is most important factor in conceiving a baby boy. Let us learn how deep penetration help to conceive a boy.

Male sperms are faster but fragile and die soon. Female sperms are slower but are strong and remain alive for long. When man ejaculate, both male and female sperms are thrown into vaginal tract. Now if penetration is deep, sperms will be thrown more close to uterus and fallopian tubes. In this way, male sperms will move quickly and will meet egg before female sperms and you will conceive a boy. If penetration is not deep, sperms will have to ravel more distance. In this way, male sperms can die during this long way and female sperms will survive and capable of fertilizing egg. So you will get pregnant with a baby girl instead of conceiving a boy. So keep it in mind that if you have to conceive a boy, you will ensure the deep penetration.

Increase sperm count to conceive a boy:

Male partner should have high sperm count if you want to conceive a boy. You know already that male sperms are fragile and die early than female sperms. So if your partner has  low sperm count, the male sperms at the time of intercourse will die in combating the long way of uterus and there will be no male sperm to fertilize the egg. On the other hand, if your male partner has high sperm count, then at the time of intercourse, some male sperms will die but others will succeed in reaching the uterus and one will fertilize the egg. In this way you will be able to conceive a boy.

There are many things that you can do to increase your sperm count. First of all you will have to quit smoking. Smoking and alcohol are the biggest enemies of sperms and kills them. Taking drugs also lowers the sperm count. Do not take drugs without necessary requirement.


After all if you have no more chances to conceive and you failed to conceive a boy, you can adopt a baby boy. It is reality that to adopt a baby boy cannot be a replacement of your own son and there will not be same feeling like your own boy. However when all hopes have gone to conceive a boy, it is the best option to add a male baby in your life. There are many organizations that can help you in this regards. You can say them “I want a baby boy” to adopt it, they will provide you a baby with legal way. Do not trespass the legal procedure to adopt a baby.

Above four methods are the best ways to conceive a boy baby naturally. First method alone can increase your chances to get pregnant with a boy to a great extent. This is slightly technical way. However, there is no need of extraordinary knowledge to know the exact time to make love. Deep penetration is also a good way to conceive a boy. It will not only increase the chances of conceiving a male child, but also will give you joy and will help you get orgasm completely. Orgasm also helps in conceiving a male baby. Increasing sperm count method is also beneficial. It can also solve your problem of infertility. High sperm count will enhance your ability to get pregnant easily. These three are best ways to conceive a boy. However, if you are totally unable to have a boy, adoption is the last and safe way to have it.

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