Home remedies for baby boy

Science has developed herself to such an extent that now it is possible to attain a gender of your choice. Scientific methods are so costly that you will want to ask what are home remedies for baby boy. There is no need to go for these highly priced scientific methods. You can try to conceive a boy at home by taking some steps. These includes by changing your diet and by limiting your sex timing according to your ovulation. Diet is the biggest factor which affects your body and in response, it is decided by body function that what kind of gender will be conceived. Timing of sex is the technical factor that is concerned with the type of sperms to meet with the ova. Following are home remedies for baby boy according to above described methods.

Guaifenesin tablets as home remedies for baby boy

baby boy home remediesTraveling of sperms in cervical mucus is very important to get pregnant. How it is easy for sperms to move in the cervical mucus, depends upon the density of this cervical fluid. If it is very dense, the sperms will find it very hard to move toward their destination. They will have to spend a lot of energy. As a result, most of them will lose their life in fighting the hardness of the way. As the male sperms are weak as compared to female sperms, most of them will die during this process. As female sperms are stronger, they may succeed in crossing the dense cervical fluid and reach the egg to fertilize it. In this way, you will get pregnant with a female baby. How to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Guaifenesin tablets dilute this dense fluid and make it less dense. So you can use these tablets as home remedies for baby boy. Guaifenesin tablets are easily available in the market. Eat one tablet one hour before sex and it will dilute the dense cervical mucus. As a result, male sperms will move quickly and reach the egg before female sperms and you will conceive a boy.

Wear boxers as home remedy for baby boy

baby boy can surely be conceived without any help from high tech methods. Wearing boxers or loose clothes is one of the best home remedies for baby boy. Sperms speed play very important role in selecting the gender of baby. If sperms are traveling fast and easily, you will conceive a baby boy. If sperms are moving slowly, you will conceive a baby girl. The speed of sperms is directly associated with the temperature. If your sperms are feeling hot temperature, their speed will go down. If sperms are cool, they can travel very well.

Naturally the sperms like low temperature. For this purpose, nature has put your scrotum outside your body. For a baby boy, wear such clothes which are loose and can allow air to pass across. Boxers are best for this purpose. They are loose and airy. Air passes around your scrotum and cools down your sperms. These cool sperms will move quickly and you can get a male baby. So you can wear boxers as home remedy for baby boy. You can also take a bath before sex. This will also cool the sperms.

Douching to conceive a boy

Which type of gender you will conceive, depends upon the PH level of your internal environment of cervix and uterus. If you have alkaline PH, it favors a male baby and you will conceive a boy. If you have an acidic level of PH, you will conceive a baby girl. So it is important to know about your PH of your internal environment if you want to get pregnant with a desired gender of baby.

Normally, the PH is acidic by nature. If you want to know how to get  male child, you will have to change it to alkaline. There are some methods by which you can do it. Douching is one of them and you can choose it as a home remedy for a baby boy. It is a process of washing the internal of your vagina with some liquid. It is the easiest and instant method to change the internal PH. Wash your internal side with some alkaline liquid. However do not use douching frequently. Use it only twice or thrice a month, otherwise you can get infection. Using douching with other home remedies for baby boy, it will increase your chances to conceive a boy very well.

Eat more food:

It has been researched that how diet can affect your body to select the type of gender. Researchers have found that a body that has enough nutrients, likes to hold a male baby. A body that is not full of nutrients, likes to hold a female body. So, final home remedy for baby boy is eating enough and nutritious food. A body that is full of nutrients and has high energy, strong immune system and is fully healthy, it will be perfect for a pregnancy of a male baby. On the other hand, a weak body with less energy will not be able to start a pregnancy of a male baby. Reason behind this may be that male children are strong physically than female children. Perhaps, for this reason, a male baby pregnancy requires a body with sufficient nutrients so that baby can be developed well. This home remedy for baby boy has been proved scientifically. If you want to conceive a boy, you should start eating healthy food properly before your plan to conceive. If you do not have required amount of energy in your body, your chances to conceive a girl will increase rather to get pregnant with a boy.

These were the home remedies that you can do easily at home for conceiving a baby boy. However, you should take care in practicing the method one and three. Use them only occasionally and at the time when you are going to make love. Practicing them frequently can cause some minor problems. For example, if you do douching frequently, this may lead to an internal infection. However, home remedy no 3 is safe and you should use it as much as possible for getting pregnant with a baby boy. These mentioned methods are the most effective home remedies for baby boy. However, you can also practice some other remedies like making love at quarter moon, using high energy diet and sleeping left to your partner.

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  1. I’m hvng cutie girl baby
    Planning for second one I want baby boy
    Tell me regarding this waiting for reply

  2. i have two baby girl,and my family have history of more girls than boys .now i plan to take a next chance .I want baby boy.please tell me regarding the same.

  3. I have two sweet girls .. Wanted a boy … Please let me know the remedy or any medicine or any treatment or any other kind of solution …

  4. Hey everyone. ..
    Intercourse only one time (I mean one day only) in ovulation day…if u don’t know when ur ovulation. .thn count mid of ur cycle
    ( mean if ur cycle is 28 day..thn ur period day is first day nd now count 14 day) nd if ur cycle is 30 day thn count 15 day….
    and check 10 to 16 days ..u have some thick liquid come in ur vagina..(surly come)( but not sure which day)..if liquid come..thn u r ovulate. ..nd have sex..only that day…

  5. i have a cute daughter.and i m planning for second delivery.plz guide me how to concieve a baby boy.which therapy and medicines would be taken for getting a baby boy…

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