How to conceive a baby boy naturally

The parents who have only female babies, want at least one male baby to add to their family. So they want to know exactly how to conceive a baby boy naturally. There are many factors which influence the gender of your next baby. In these factors, some are very important like the food you eat. Food plays important role in changing the nature of your body which will decide that it should start a male baby or female baby. Second important factor is the timing of your making love. Timing is not less important than the type of food you eat in any way.  You will be able to know the answer of how to conceive a baby boy naturally by knowing how timing of your love influences the sex of baby.

Orgasm help to conceive a baby boy naturally:

Keep it in mind that you will have to achieve orgasm during intercourse if you want to conceive a boy baby. It is very effective to change the chemistry of your internal system that is involved in reproduction. When you get orgasm, it produces more liquid in the vaginal tract. This vaginal tract liquid is less dense and helps the sperms to move towards their destination. As male sperms have edge on female sperms in speed of movement, they will move quickly in this less dense liquid and will reach the egg first to fertilize it and you will conceive a boy.

Orgasm do not help in conceiving a boy by pouring less dense liquid in the way of sperms, but it also causes vaginal tract contractions. These contractions are moving from the opening of vagina towards the uterus. In this way, these contractions also help move the sperms towards their goal. Male sperms took more advantage of this facility and go first to meet the egg and you get pregnant with a boy baby. (how to conceive a baby boy)

Use douching to conceive a baby boy naturally:

Douching is the process of washing the vagina internally by some liquid. It is used to treat vagina for some diseases like infection. Douching can also be used for the purpose of conceiving a boy. For this, you will have to use some alkaline liquids. This will change the internal PH of your cervix to alkaline which was some acidic before. After the change of PH to alkaline, you can have sex and there will be more chances that you will conceive a boy. Reason behind this is that the male sperms like the alkaline environment. In this environment, they can move faster and can live longer. In acidic environment, sperms die soon and their movement is slow. Remember that do not use douching frequently to conceive a boy. You can use it only two or three times in a month. Using it frequently can cause some types of infections. You should consult your family doctor before using it.

Cough Syrup:

You can say it an old wives’ tale. However there is somewhat reality in it. Using cough syrup can be effective in order to conceive a boy. It makes the mucus of cervix thin which help the moving sperms to travel easily. Thin mucus allows sperms to move faster. Male sperms move faster and reach the destination easily and quickly to conceive you a boy.

Actually cough syrups make the dense and coagulated phlegm thin and help it to come out. These syrups help conceive a boy similarly by making the cervix mucus thin.

If you want to conceive a boy and do not want to use these cough syrups as they have also bad effects, then you can use tablets of that ingredient which is used in that syrups. This ingredient is called guaffeine. This will function same as the syrup and will help conceive a boy by making mucus less dense.

Some other tricks to conceive a boy:

There are also many other tricks of how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. However, all of them are not much effective. Some of them which can affect the gender of your baby are here. From diet, use bananas, asparagus and potatoes daily. These are full of Potassium that increases the chances of male baby. Asparagus is alkaline food and change the PH of your body from acidic to alkaline. Potatoes are well nutritious vegetable that increases the rate of glucose in your body. A male baby fetus grows well in a body full of glucose. Some technique is practiced in the tube baby. Also, try to stop drinking and smoking. These are killers of sperms and kill the male sperms move than female because male sperms are much weaker than female sperms. Adopt such kinds of love positions that enable deep penetration. Also, try not to stand up too early after your love game is over. This horizontal position of your body will enhance the movement of sperms to their final destination. This will not only enable you to conceive quickly, but will also increase your chances to conceive a baby boy naturally.

Among these methods, orgasm is natural answer of how to conceive a baby boy naturally. This is the method which does not involve any artificial thing you. You do not apply any external thing on body. This is the natural process which you sometimes attain and some times do not attain during the process of love making. The all you have to do is that take such a position or do love making so energetically that you attain an orgasm. Other two methods are also natural to conceive a boy. Using cough syrup at the time of making love has similar effects like orgasm. Douching also affects body system in the same way. However, you will have to take some care in using it. Frequently use of it is not recommended. You it only twice or thrice a month to increase your chances to conceive a baby boy naturally.




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