How to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally

You may have only baby girl or baby boy in your family and you want it in balance. So you want to learn how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. First of all, it is quite possible and you can achieve it. Secondly, there are two ways to do this. One method is cheap or low-tech or you can say it old wives’ tales. Second method is high-tech method like IVD or PGD. First method is cheap and easy, but there is not any guarantee that you will get your goal. Second method is highly costly and complicate but, there is guarantee in it. No doubt high tech method is best for your question how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. But you will have to spend a lot on it. Otherwise, you can try these cheap methods.

Diet is the answer of how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally:

Gender of your baby can be selected by many different ways. These includes artificial and natural methods. We daily eat food for many junctions of our body. Diet can also effect your body and you can conceive a baby boy or girl naturally by selecting specific type of food. There are two types of food. One type boosts to start a pregnancy with a male baby. Other type favor the pregnancy containing a female child. The need is to know about the diet to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. If you want to conceive a male baby, you should choose a type of food that is alkaline and changes the PH of your body to alkaline. If you want a female baby, you should eat acidic food. You can easily find a list of these two types of diet by searching on net.

There are also two other types of diet which affect the gender of baby to-be-come. High nutrition food boosts your chances to conceive a baby boy naturally while low nutrition diet will favor a baby girl. A body full of energy likes to hold a male gender while a body with low energy likes to hold a female gender.

Solution of How to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally in timing of sex:

This is the best method to select the gender of your baby. You can conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally according to your choice by paying a little attention to your timing of sex. If you want to conceive a boy, you should limit to have sex near the time of your ovulation. Avoid having sex before 3-5 days of your ovulation day. Then meet your partner within 12 hours before the exact time when you ovulate. Sex made in this 12 hours will give you a male child. Now if you want to conceive a baby girl naturally, reverse this process. Try to have sex with your partner 2-3 days before your timing of ovulation. Do not meet your partner at all when the time remained in starting ovulation is less than 24 hours. In this way, there are more chances that you will get pregnant with a baby boy. (how to conceive a baby boy)

High Tech methods to select gender:

While high tech methods are not natural way to select the gender of your baby, however these are the best ways in this case because they are very successful. High tech methods include IVF, PGD and Ericsson methods. These are very costly and a normal person cannot afford them. However, these have very high rate of success and are very reliable. You can conceive a baby boy or baby girl with surety by using these methods. Besides being costly, they are also very complicated. You will have to visit the clinic and they will collect eggs from your inside. Then your male partner will provide his gamete and your eggs will be fertilized out of you body in the lab in artificial way. This fertilized egg will be allowed to grow. When it is old of a short period of time, one cell will be picked out of it and examined. In this way, it is detected either it is male embryo or female embryo. Then the embryo of your choice will be put in your body where it will grow naturally. In this way, you can conceive a baby boy or girl naturally.

Among high tech methods, Ereicsson method is cheap and less complicated. In this method, only sperms are obtained from your partner. Then these are swayed. Being heavy and lighter, male and female sperms are differentiated and required gender of sperms are put into your womb.

Use seafood to get pregnant with a male child:

Women seeking how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally should take care of diet. One another important type of diet to conceive a baby boy is sea food. Sea food consists of many things like fish, herbs and some solid foods. They are not only rich with precious ingredients but also have such type of minerals which can help you in determining your gender of baby. Especially they are very rich in zinc. Zinc is a structural unit ingredient of sperms. It is very necessary for the generation of new healthy sperms. Taking proper sea food means you are taking proper amount of zinc. It boosts the generation of new sperms and make it easy to get high sperm count. High sperm count increases your chances to conceive a baby boy instead to conceive a baby girl. More are the number of sperms, more the chances of conceiving a male child. So, you should include sea food in your daily life. Furthermore, take exercise daily and keep yourself fit. Also, use such food which is rich in vitamin D. Supplements of vitamin D are also available. Combination of vitamin D and zinc enriched food will give you high sperm count and you will be able to conceive a baby boy easily.

The first method is most recommended to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. This has also been proved scientifically that diet affects the gender of your baby. However, after the pregnancy has started, come back to your normal food and try to eat healthy food in balance. This is necessary because the growing baby needs all types of ingredients to the body of mother can cause some problems in the natural growth of baby. The second method of conceiving a baby boy or baby girl naturally of timing of sex is more safe and effective than first. In this method, you do not take any ingredient less or high in amount and the balance of ingredients in your body is not disturbed. It is also a timely method and you will have no need to use it since long before starting pregnancy as is the case in diet method. Conceiving a baby boy and baby girl naturally by high tech methods is also a natural process. However, these are very costly and complicated methods. They involve a lot of visit to clinics and there is no surety of starting pregnancy in the first attempt. However, their percentage of success of conceiving a baby of your required gender is very high nearly 100%.

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