How to conceive a boy naturally

The dream of getting the baby of your choice can be converted into reality. Many people who are searching how to conceive a boy naturally want to learn some real methods to achieve s son. First of all, you have already 50% chances that you will conceive a baby boy because the chances of conceiving a boy or girl is 50% naturally. However, to make it sure to get a male child and fighting the opposite 50% chances, you will have to follow some rules and learn some techniques. It is true that determining sex of baby is a natural process, however there are some points and facts which really effects the sex of your baby. Here is a list of such tips which deserve to practice upon them if you want to learn how to conceive a boy naturally.

How to conceive a boy naturally with vegetables:

The process of starting pregnancy starts at the time of sex. When you have sex, both male and female sperms are poured into your cervical tract and they find their way toward uterus. When sperms are moving through the path to uterus, here you can decide which gender you are going to conceive. If you have alkaline nature of this path, you will conceive a boy. If the PH of this path is acidic, you will conceive a baby girl. The PH level of this path is directly associated with the type of food you eat. So the answer to your question “how to conceive a boy naturally” lies in the food you should eat.

You can change the PH to alkaline by selecting your food. Most of the vegetables are alkaline in nature and can change the PH of your cervical tract. So if you want to conceive a boy, start eating vegetables more than other food. The vegetables which are very important in this regard are asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn, carrots and turnips. The regular usage of these minimum one month before your start of pregnancy will change the PH of your sexual tract to alkaline. In this way, there are great chances that you will conceive a baby boy. (diet to conceive baby boy or baby girl naturally)

How to conceive a boy naturally by sex timing:

You can affect the chances of conceiving a boy baby or girl baby naturally. To conceive a baby boy, you should hold sex five days before the time of your ovulation. The sperms can live in the uterus for average 3-5 days. If you have sex three or four days before the time of ovulate, the sperms will already there in the uterus to fertilize the coming egg from your ovaries. In this case, there will be equal chance for both male and female sperms to meet with the egg. In this way, there are equal chances of conceiving a baby boy or baby girl. However, if you want to conceive a boy naturally, you should avoid sex 3-5 days before the ovulation and should go for sex not more than 12-24 hours before you ovulate. In this case, egg will be there in uterus waiting for sperms to meet with one. Sperms are running through the way. As you now, male sperms are fast than female sperms, they will reach the egg first to meet it and to start a pregnancy. In this way, you will conceive a boy baby naturally. The bad point of this technique is that you can find some problems in getting pregnant as egg remains available only for a short time.

Take suitable sex position to get a male child:

Sex positions have direct effect in the selection of gender of your baby naturally. There are positions and ways to conceive a boy and girl. Some positions favor to conceive a boy and some favor to conceive a girl. The sex positions which help conceive a boy, are those that enable deep penetration. Positions like doggy style or from behind, are capable of deep penetration. You can adopt these styles to start a pregnancy that will have a male gender. Otherwise, if you want  a female baby this time in your life, you can follow that positions which only allow superficial penetration.

When the penetration is deep, your gamete will be put close to uterus. In this way, the gamete will be safe from the dangerous effects of cervical PH. Cervical PH is normally acidic that is harmful for the male sperms which are responsible to start a male pregnancy. Acidic environment kills male sperms and your chances to conceive a male child decreases. Female sperms are strong and they can move this unhealthy mucus without any damage. Remaining in lying position for some time after sex also help you conceive a boy. Sperms in this position move easily and male sperms can move fast to fertilize egg first and give you a baby boy.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol and nicotine kills the sperms. Male sperms, being weaker than female sperms, are more vulnerable for such threats. They are killed or damaged. As a result, female sperms remain alive in large quantity than male sperms and your chances to conceive a boy are less than conceive a girl baby. So if you want to conceive a boy naturally, you should keep yourself away from alcohol and other similar things like smoking. More the sperms are healthy, more are chances to get pregnant with a male child. One another bad effect on reproductive system of drinking and smoking is that they make the sperms defective. Defective sperms are not able to meet with egg to initiate a pregnancy. As a result, you may face the issues of not conceiving at all. The women who drink and smoke, their babies are born with a problem of underweight. So, to conceive a boy naturally and to avoid other complications, you should abandon alcohol and smoking.

Vegetables and suitable love positions are best options for conceiving a boy naturally. These are the things which you perform in your daily life. By selecting and altering them slightly, you can achieve your goal successfully. We use vegetables daily. If you want to conceive a male child, you can easily use these vegetables which enhance the chances of ordering body mechanism to prepare herself to hold a male baby. Similarly we have to make love often. By having love in a specific way, we can choose the gender of our baby to-be. Supplements are also natural, however you should take care in using them. Excessive amount of them can cause some slight problems in your natural health. Alcohol is not only harmful for sperms, but also for your general health. It is always beneficial to avoid alcohol. These are the methods by which you can conceive a boy naturally.


  1. What about having constant and regular sex a day to ovulation and on d ovution day if I am trying to conceive a boy

  2. I don’t know. , i have really tired to get a baby boy but have failed, i have 3 beautiful girls but i need a mix of a boy.

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