How to conceive a boy

There are many reasons for a couple to wish for a specific gender to add to their family. Such couples want to know how to conceive a boy. For this purpose, you will have to learn the body chemistry of your reproductive system and then you will be able to practice such techniques which will help you in conceiving a boy baby. You should know that the male sperms which are responsible to make a baby boy, are faster but fragile than female sperms. So if you want to conceive a boy, you will have to help the male sperms in such a way that they meet the egg first than female sperms to ensure that you conceive a boy. Following are some best methods which will help you do this definitely.

How to conceive a boy; Use alkaline food:

Alkaline food plays important role in changing the PH of your body to alkaline. Once you have alkaline PH, your chances to conceive a boy increases to a great extent. The male sperms move with great ease and left the female sperms behind decreasing the chances of conceiving a girl. So if you are looking how to conceive a boy, change your diet plan and add more food to your diet which has alkaline effects. Follow this plan minimum one month before your pregnancy starts so that it is sure that your body is alkaline in nature at the time of your make sex to conceive.

What to eat to conceive a boy and raise the PH? Most of the vegetable are alkaline in nature. So to conceive a boy, use more vegetables. Most important vegetables in this regard are asparagus, cabbage lettuce, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, onion and peas. In fruits, banana and coconut and in fruits avocado are very alkaline. Besides this, almonds, beans and soy flour are important. You can also search for a complete list. These foods will not only keep you healthy, but will also increase your chances to conceive a boy.

How to conceive a boy by ovulation Timing:

It was said by a doctor  that speed of movement of both sperms is different. Male sperm can move quickly than female sperm. So in this view, time of ovulation is very important in determining the gender of your baby. It is also important to know that average life of sperms is 3-5  days while average life of egg is one day. So if at the time of sex, egg is already present at fallopian tube and is ready to hug any sperm, the sperms are moving toward it. Now male can move fast, they will reach egg soon before female and you will conceive a boy. If egg is not present yet and time is remaining in its being released, both sperms will reach the place and will be waiting for egg. Now when the egg is released, both types of sperms will have equal chance to meet it. If sperms are there for 3-4 days, there are chances that male sperms have died because they are fragile. In this way, there will be more chances of conceiving a girl. As only female sperms will be available to fertilize egg. So if you want to conceive a boy, you should have sex near the time of ovulation as possible as much.

How to conceive a boy; Use citrus fruits:

There are many types of foods that can affect the type of gender you are going to conceive. To know how to conceive a boy, you should use citrus fruits. Especially your male partner should use them daily. Citrus fruits can increase your chances to get pregnant with a male baby. These fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C and other oxidants. These minerals removes the defects in the structure of sperms and make them fully healthy. These healthy sperms can move fast. As fast as more are the sperms, your chances are high to conceive a boy. The other work of such fruits is that they enhance the immune system of women. It is a fact proved that a male embryo likes to grow and develop in that woman body that is healthy and its immune system is working at full pace. Body of a woman that is weak and cannot fight against diseases very well, cannot afford to hold a male baby. It will like to start a pregnancy of a girl baby. So if you want to conceive a son, you should eat citrus fruits as much as you can. Also, ask your partner to use them. They not only help in conceiving a boy, but are also necessary for your overall health. (what is the best way to conceive a boy)

A big finish can help to conceive a son:

Strong bodies with strong immune system and high in energy are favorable for male pregnancies. A weaker body likes to start a pregnancy of a female baby. Similarly, a loose and weak finish will end in the female embryo and a big and strong finish will end in a male baby. To conceive a boy, you will have to add some energy and movement in your love procedure. It affects in many ways on reproductive system. It will help attain orgasm. It will pour the sperms close to womb. It will help you conceive a boy. It starts the movements in the internal system of woman’s body. These movements take the sperms with                    them towards inner side of reproductive system. As you know, male sperms move quickly than female, so there are chances of arriving egg first than female sperms. In this way, there will be great surety to conceive a baby boy instead of baby girl.

Alkaline food and ovulation timing, both affects the cervical tract’s nature. Cervical tract is the passage way through which sperms move. If this passage is favorable for sperms, you can conceive a boy. If this passage produces hindrances in the way of moving sperms, you will not only conceive a girl, but also your chances of getting pregnant will decrease. These two methods are very achievable and you do not  have to struggle much. They are also safe and not any complication is created. However, after you have conceived, switch back to a non selective food and also include acidic food in your alkaline food so that you get a balanced diet. Citrus fruits are famous to improve immune system. They not only help you conceive a boy but also solve your problem of healthy sperms. However, this method is only for male partner. For female partner, it is not recommended because if female use citrus fruits in excess quantity, it will change the PH of cervical mucous to acidic that is not required PH level to conceive a boy.





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