How to get male child

You are a married couple and you may have some preferences for the gender of your coming baby. Your one question may be how to get male child. You may want a male baby to complete your family. To accomplish your goal, you have a need to know some such methods which have high success rate so that you are not indulging yourself in time wasting methods. The main and guaranteed method in this way is the PH of your reproductive tract. Once you are able to change the PH of your reproductive tract, you will be able to know how to get male child.

How to get male child by alkaline food:

Alkaline food will increase your chances to conceive a male child while acidic food will increase your chances to conceive a female baby. If you are searching how to get male child, the answer will be that you use alkaline food. It is the natural way to get a baby boy. Actually the alkaline food changes the PH of your cervical mucus to alkaline. When you have sex and receive sperms from your male partner, these sperms can live and swim easily through the alkaline cervical fluid. If this fluid is acidic, which is normally acidic, the male sperms start to die and also cannot move quickly. In this situation, female sperms can move and live easily in acidic fluid and will be able to reach the egg and to start a pregnancy of a female child. So if you want to get a male child, you will have to use alkaline food. Start using it minimum one month before your plan to conceive so that at the time of conception, your cervical fluid is in a level of right PH. Most of the vegetables and fruits are alkaline. You can also obtain a list of such food. Try to eat only alkaline food and avoid acidic food.

How to get male child by douching:

Douching is used when there is infection inside uterus or cervix. It is a process of washing your internal side with some chemical mixed with water. But how to conceive a boy by douching. Yes douching can also help you get a male child. The internal environment of your sexual organ is slightly acidic by nature that is not favorable for male sperms which are responsible for conceiving a male child. It needs to be slightly alkaline to favor the male sperms. So if you want to conceive a boy baby, you have to change the acidic environment to alkaline. You can easily do this by douching.

In order to get a male child in your pregnancy, change the PH to alkaline by douching. One or half an hour before your sex, start washing your internal part with some alkaline solution. For this purpose, alkaline solutions are available in the market. It will change the PH to alkaline to boost the male sperms movement and to increase your chances to get a baby boy. Do not use it more than three hours before having sex. Otherwise, your PH will go back to acidic at the time of sex.

Use Chinese calendar to conceive a boy:

Chinese birth calendar was developed centuries ago by some Chinese experts. Then this calendar went lost. Some years ago it was discovered from a tomb. Now this calendar is easily available on the net and you can use it to conceive a boy. It is used by following your name, date of birth and the month in which you conceive. How to conceive a boy naturally with this? By entering your date of birth, you will find numbers of such months, in which if you conceive, you will get a male baby. On the other hand, if you conceive in opposite months, you will conceive a baby girl.

Many couples have used it until now. However, the credibility of this calendar is questionable. No one can claim 100% credibility of this calendar. However, you can increase the chances of conceiving a boy by practicing this. If it does not give you your desired result, it will also not give any bad effect. So what is the problem in using it?

Quarter Moon Love:

One another belief of how to get a male child is having love on the night when moon has acquired quarter of its age. It is called quarter moon love. The logic behind this is that some rays are always traveling in the universe. These rays have deep effects on our body health and body systems. Same as we do in yoga and try to catch healthy rays in the morning. At the time when moon is at quarter of its age, universe emits such rays which affects the reproductive system of body. In response, body is so charged that it will initiate a pregnancy having a male child. On the other times of month, there will be fifty percent chances of conceiving either male or female baby. This belief is great controversial and has no proof. However, some people believe it strongly. We can find some stories that tell us that some people got male child by having love on the night of quarter moon. does it really work? It is still to be proved.

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