How to have a baby boy

Selection of sex of your baby has been a wish of couples since the ancient times. Modern science has helped the human being about how to have a baby boy. It has developed such methods like PGD, IVF which give 100% guarantee of your desired gender of your baby. These methods are so costly and complicate that only a few couples in the world can afford it. So the people want to know such cheap methods which are effective and have high success rate to have a baby boy. It is true that these cheap methods do not have any prove in determining the gender of your baby. However, here are some such methods which are considered most authentic. You can act upon these methods easily and you will have no need to spend any money to practice them to get your answer of how to have a baby boy.

How to have a baby boy by attaining orgasm:

Orgasm means climax during the sexual process. You can increase your chances of how to have a baby boy by attaining orgasms. It helps start a pregnancy with a male baby in many ways. First of all when you attain orgasm, it changes the PH level of your internal environment quickly to alkaline. This alkaline PH level helps the male sperms to move easily and fast and as a result, male sperms reach the egg first than female sperms and a male pregnancy starts.

In the second way, when you attain orgasm, your internal parts and cervical passage starts movements from outer to inner direction. These movements help the sperms to move upward easily. And, if sperms movement is easy and fast, it helps you have a baby boy.

So if you want to know how to have a baby boy, you should try to have orgasm during sex. To attain orgasm, your male partner should be healthy and strong. A strong sexual process full of power will give you orgasm. So try to be healthy and strong.

How to have a baby boy by high energy diet:

Diet plays a basic role in the body chemistry. What type of gender you will conceive depends in many ways upon what you eat. High and low energy diet effects the type of gender to conceive. Recent studies show that high energy diet is associated with male babies and low energy diet is associated with female babies. If you want how to have a boy baby in your pregnancy, you will have to eat high energy diet.

A recent study conducted show that conceiving a baby boy is in more ratio than conceiving a baby girl in those women who eat very well. Taking high energy diet increases your chances that you will get pregnant with a male baby. Similarly if you want to have opposite sex of baby, you should use low energy diet. The reason for this may be the level of glucose in your body. Glucose favors the development of male gender. It is well known fact by doctors who are associated with PGD and IVF. They know that if level of glucose is high in cell culture in laboratory, it will help the male spermatozoa to grow and develop. So to have a baby boy, try to eat maximum healthy diet before your plan to conceive.

Eat bananas to conceive a baby boy:

An old wives’ tale eating bananas gives you baby boy has been proved. A recent research conducted in the UK and the USA revealed it that it is true that what you eat, influence the gender of your baby-to-be. Research shows that if you want to have a baby boy, you should eat much bananas before you conceive. Study was conducted on nearly 700 first time pregnant women. It was noted that conceiving a male baby ratio was high in those women who used to eat bananas and other high potassium diet. It was also noted that the women who have a boy, they ate high energy diet and a breakfast full of cereals. It was concluded that if you want to have a baby boy, you should eat bananas much more before the pregnancy starts. And, if you want to get pregnant with a baby girl, you should eat restricted diet and should avoid potassium rich food. Scientists say that reason behind this may be that male embryo requires more energy to grow than female embryo. This can also be seen in the test tube babies where male embryos grow well in those test tubes which have high energy contents. So this is now clear that how can you have a boy or how to conceive a boy naturally by selecting your diet plan.

Sleep left to your partner:

There are many rituals to have a baby boy. One of them is to sleep left to your partner. It is believed by some people that sleeping on a specific side of your partner after making love affects the determination of gender of your baby to-be-come. If you sleep in the right side of male partner, you will conceive a baby girl. If you sleep left, you will have a baby boy. According to them, your partner’s body is emitting two different types of rays. Right side of body is emitting rays that will affect your body to start a pregnancy of a female baby. Similarly, left side of body is emitting rays which will affect your reproductive system to start a pregnancy with a male baby. Some people also believe that the side on which you sleep by yourself also influence your baby gender. If you want to have a male baby, you should sleep on your left side. Sleeping on your right side will give you a baby girl. These ways do not have any prove. However, you should try to follow every method that is believed to affect baby gender. No one knows, which one will work for you.


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