How to have a boy

Do you have a family that is feeling the deficiency of a son. If it is true, then surely you are searching how to have a boy. This can be achieved by understanding some basic principles that how your body system works in selecting the gender of your baby. When you make love with your partner, you receive two types of sperms from him, male and female sperms. One of these sperms will meet the egg that is present in the fallopian tube that opens into your uterus. If the male sperms succeed to reach first to this egg and meet with it, you will have a boy. If female sperm reaches the egg and fertilizes it, you will have a baby girl. So, you will have to let male sperm to reach first to egg if you want to know how to have a boy. Here are some best tips.

How to have a boy with diet selection:

The diet you eat plays a crucial role in all functions of your body. Your body behaves same according to the type of your diet. You can have a boy by selecting your diet. There in one type of food which favor baby boy and second type of diet favor baby girl to conceive. If you are looking how to have a boy, you should choose a food that is alkaline in nature. The alkaline food changes the PH of your body to alkaline which favor a male baby.

Most of the vegetables and fruits are alkaline. Try to include in your daily life a set of such food to conceive a boy. Asparagus and banana are two most important high alkaline foods. Besides using alkaline food, you should also take care of the calories. High calorie diet help conceive a boy baby. Similarly pay extra care to your breakfast. Using a heavy breakfast full of cereals can help you have a baby boy. Besides these, try to exclude such food from you diet plan which is acidic. Avoid dairy products and all types of meat.

How to have a boy by deep penetration:

Deep penetration during the sex can help you conceive a baby boy. When the penetration is deep, sperms will be put close to the uterus. In this way, they will have to travel less distance to reach the egg in the fallopian tube. Since male sperms, which are responsible for starting a male pregnancy, are fast than female sperms, they will meet the egg first. Male sperm will fertilize this egg and you will be pregnant with a male baby. So if you want to know how to have a baby boy, you should try a deep penetration.

Deep penetration can be attained by many ways. There are certain sexual positions which will enable deep penetration. One of most important of these is doggy style. You can also try yourself different positions to know which feels you that is suitable. So to have a boy, adopt these positions. Otherwise, if you want to have a baby girl, try a penetration that is not deep. Adopting deep penetration method with some upper and below mentioned methods, you can have a boy baby easily in your pregnancy.

Use cough syrup to have a boy:

You can increase your chances of having a baby boy by helping the movement of male sperms. Both male and female sperms at the time of ejaculation, start moving through cervix to uterus. In the uterus, there is opening of fallopian tube where the egg is present after you ovulate. One sperm has to combine with this egg to fertilize it and to start a pregnancy. Now if male sperm succeeds to combine with egg first, you will have a boy. If female sperm succeeds to meet egg first, you will be pregnant with a female baby.

So if you want to conceive a boy, you will have to increase the speed of male sperm so that it could reach the egg first and fertilize it. There are many ways to do so. One of these is to use cough syrup. Such syrups contains such ingredients which make the cervical mucus thin. Once cervical mucus is thin, male sperms can increase their speed. Their motility increases and they can swim fast than female sperms. And in this way, male sperm will meet the egg first and you will conceive a baby boy. You can also use guaifensian tablets if you do not want to use cough syrup.

High Tech methods:

You can have a boy by going through high tech methods for gender selections. These are very costly and complicated. However, their success rage is nearly 100%. If you can afford them, they are the best solution of how to have a boy. They include IVF, PGD and Ericsson Method. In these methods, the type of fertilization is external fertilization. Eggs and sperms are taken out of both husband and wife bodies and eggs are fertilized in the laboratory. When they grow for sometime in artificial medium, some tests are taken to know the gender of each growing embryo. The embryo of your choice is inserted into the body of wife and the remaining growth of embryo is naturally. Nowadays, many fertility clinics in different countries of world are offering this facility. You can have a baby boy or girl according to your choice by adopting these methods.

Some critics arise questions regarding the moral value of these methods. Their criticism is right to some extent. According to them, you should go for such a method only if you are in a dire need. Otherwise, it would be not good morally to take such artificial scientific methods to choose the gender of baby. If you fail to get male child by any other method, then high tech methods are best ways to conceive a boy.

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