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Family is the desire of every couple. If you do not have complete family, you will want to complete it. Especially if you are missing a male child, you will say I want a baby boy. Now you will try to conceive a baby boy. Is it possible? There are many stories when couples succeeded in conceiving their desired gender of baby. It is now possible by simply using some techniques. First of all, you should know the chemistry of sperms. Male sperms which are responsible to conceive a male child, are faster but fragile than female sperms. Female sperms are slower, but live for more time. So if you say, I want a baby boy, you will have help the male sperms. For this, you want some such steps which will help these sperms to meet the egg first. Here are such steps.

Wear boxers if you want a baby boy:

If your search is what is the best way to conceive a boy, you should ask your husband to wear such clothes which help the air to circulate around the sex organs, the scrotum. The sperms are developing and reproducing in the scrotum balls, the testes. Sperms do not like hot temperature. For this purpose, nature has placed them outside the body so that they remain cold as compared to high body temperature.

To conceive a boy baby or male child, your partner should wear the airy clothes. Boxers are best clothes to keep the sperms cool. If sperms are cool, they will swim and move easily and efficiently in the tract toward fallopian tubes. As male sperms have an edge in speed over female sperms, they will quickly meet the egg to fertilize it and you will conceive a boy.

So to boost the chances of your to conceive a boy, your partner should wear boxers, especially two hours before sex. He can also take a shower before intercourse. This will also lower the temperature of scrotum and you will conceive a boy.

Use primrose oil if you want a baby boy:

Some supplements can also be used to enhance your chances to conceive a boy. Primrose oil is best for this purpose. Use it every time before you go for a son in the night time. Its usage help produce high quality of cervical mucus. This fine quality cervical mucus helps the movement of sperms. This is dilute and not much dense fluid. In the dense mucus, sperms find it hard to move more efficiently. In finding hardness in moving, sperms have to spend more energy. They took a long time in reaching the destination. In this way, male sperm die more than female sperms because they are fragile and have a limited time of lifespan. On the other hand, in dilute and good cervical fluid, male sperms move faster and reach the destination place before the female sperms. Thus, you will conceive a boy.

Use mushrooms to get pregnant with a baby boy:

If you want a baby boy this time, mushrooms can help you a lot. This is the natural supplement that enhances the chances of conceiving a male child. They grow in the area that is rich in destroying matter. Such area is full of nutrients. Nowadays, mushrooms are also grown in farms. They are fully nutritious and have abundant amount of Potassium and Vitamin D. Both these ingredients are necessary for a pregnancy of a baby boy. Potassium can alter the environment of your cervix, making it suitable for the movement of male sperms. Vitamin D is good for the health of sperms. It removes any structural defect in the structure of sperms. These healthy sperms can move fast. as male sperms have an edge of speed of movement on female sperms, they will move quickly to fertilize the egg and start a pregnancy of a baby boy. So, if you want to know how can I want a baby boy, you should include mushrooms in your daily diet. However, you should take care in eating them. Some of their kinds are poisonous. So, do not collect mushrooms by yourself from any land. Rather, buy them from market where only edible are available. (what to eat to conceive a boy)

Wham bam, thank you mam:

It is a situation when you have an unplanned sex. Interviews conducted with a number of women who conceived a baby boy revealed that a sex done in an unplanned way and suddenly, increase your chances to conceive a boy. Kate said, “It was a sunny day. My hubby came from office for lunch. After lunch, he captured me and suddenly we went for a love making. Then, he went to office. I remembered it was all unplanned and as a result of it, I conceived a boy”.

There are many other stories which show that a sex made in hasten, gives you a male child. The logic behind this may be that such a situation gives you more energy and sperms move faster. In a planned sex, you do a lot of things prior to sex, which definitely give you fatigue and you could not have sex with more power and vigor. You know male sperms take more advantage of this energy and move fast to reach to the egg. In this way, you succeed to conceive a boy.

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