Ways to conceive a boy

Babies are gifts of nature whether it is a baby boy or girl. However, if you have one type of baby and now you want a male baby, you definitely want to learn the ways to conceive a boy. It is not so easy and there is not any one trick to achieve it instantly. However it is not impossible also. There are two types of ways which can help you in determining the gender of your baby. One is high tech methods and second is cheap or unauthentic methods. Both have their won pros and cons. High tech methods are costly and complicate while low tech methods are cheap and easy to be acted upon. Here is a list of both such methods. After reading them, you will be able to select what method suits you and what are good ways to conceive a boy.

High Tech ways to conceive a boy:

You can try to choose the gender of your baby by many different ways. However if you want surety, there is not any other way than high tech methods. High tech methods are the best ways to conceive a boy. However, these are very costly and complicated. These include IVF, PGD and Ericsson method. IVF and PGD have a success rate nearly 95% while Ericsson method have low success rate to nearly above 60%.

In IVF and PGD, a number of eggs are released from the ovary and are taken out by some instruments. Then, sperms are taken from husband and eggs are fertilized outside the female body in the laboratory. When these fertilized eggs start to grow, one cell is taken out from each egg and is examined chromatically. In this way, the gender of growing egg is known. Now one egg of your chosen gender is put back into the uterus of female and it grows naturally. This is the way to conceive a boy or girl according to your desire.

Understanding the nature of sperms gives ways to conceive a boy:

Once you have understood the nature and chemistry of sperms, you will be able to find the ways to conceive a boy by yourself. You receive two types of sperms from your husband at the time of sex. Male sperms are smaller, fast and live for less time than female sperms which are bigger and slow. This all you should know. Now if you want to conceive a boy, you will have to facilitate the male sperms to reach first to your egg in the fallopian tube. To have a baby girl, you will have to facilitate the female sperms.

To conceive a boy, you can enable male sperms in many ways to reach the destination first. You can change the PH to alkaline of your reproductive system. This will help sperms to move with more ease and male sperms will pick more advantage of it. You can also put a pillow underneath to give advantage to sperms of gravity. Also, after having sex do not stand up so early, but keep in lying position for minimum half an hour. These are the ways to conceive a boy by helping male sperms. You can also drink coffee before sex which will boost the speed of sperms. Also, try to keep your male partner body cool as temperature kills the movement.

Sperm count:

Proper amount of sperms is not only necessary to start pregnancy, but it is also helpful for starting a male pregnancy. If these are less in quantity, they cannot help you conceive a boy. During the process of moving of them from cervix to uterus, they have to fight against the difficulties of passage. During this fight, most of them die and only a small number of them succeed to reach the egg. If they are already less in number, there is a chance that all male sperms will die during this journey as they are fragile already. If some succeed to reach the final point, they will not be able to find their way against the large number of female sperms. So increasing the number of sperms is one way to conceive a boy.

There are many ways by which you can increase this number and can increase your chances to conceive a boy baby. For this purpose, totally avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine. Poor health and poor diet also reduce the number. Try to eat healthy and take exercise daily.

Citrus fruits to have a boy:

Citrus fruits are recommended to use by male partner at least one month before the starting of pregnancy. They contain vitamin C in abundance which removes any structural defect in the sperms. Sperms become fully healthy and activated. Male sperms can boost their moving speed when they are fully healthy. When they are capable of moving with speed, your chances to conceive a boy will increase. So, using citrus fruits is one among different ways to conceive a boy. Orange grapes are famous citrus fruits. If used by female partner, they also strengthen the immune system. A body with strong immune system likes to start a pregnancy of a male baby. A weaker body with weak immune system likes to start a pregnancy of a female baby. However, female partner should abandon using citrus fruits some days before starting pregnancy. Otherwise, they can change the body PH to acidic that is in the favor to conceive a girl. (how to have a baby boy)

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