What is the best way to conceive a boy

The desire to get a male gender of baby has been there since old times. There are many methods to do this. However, the need is to know what is the best way to conceive a boy. You need to adopt two things. You will have change the daily diet you intake. Secondly, you will have to take care of your sex timing. These two factors have a crucial importance in determining the gender of baby. You should count the days of your periods and try to know the exact time when you ovulate. Once you are able to count down the time of your ovulation, you have learned that what is the best way to conceive a boy. Along with you will have to take such food that is rich in potassium and low in calcium. More details of these methods is as follow.

What is the best way to conceive a boy; Breakfast Cereals

A recent study conducted in the University of Exeter in the UK shows that taking high calorie diet, especially a breakfast full of cereals, help conceive a male baby. As this study has been conducted very well in recent days, you can say that this is the best way to conceive a boy. 740 pregnant women were studied in this research. It was found that those women who took high energy diet especially breakfast cereals, they conceived a boy baby in more ratio than those women who ate normally. Of those women who ate cereals daily, 59% of those conceived a boy while 43% of how calorie diet taking women conceived a male child.

The logic behind this may be that high concentration of glucose in the body of women favor the survival of male embryo. Experts know it very well that if there is high concentration of glucose in cell culture during IVF, it favors the male blastocysts to develop. So if you are looking what is the best way to conceive a boy, try to eat a lot of healthy food minimum one month prior to start of your pregnancy. However, the only thing to remember here is that do not use junk food.

What is the best way to conceive a boy; Ovulation  Date:

Male sperms are fast but fragile and have a short period of living. Female sperms are slow, but strong and can live for many days. So to know what is the best way to conceive a boy, you will have to have sex near your ovulation date. Ovulation is a process when egg is released from the ovary into fallopian tube where sperm meets it to fertilize it and to start a pregnancy. If you do sex many days before your ovulation date, the male sperms will die over the time of period and female sperms will remain there alive. Then, these female sperms will be available to fertilize egg and you will conceive a girl. If you have sex near ovulation date, egg will be there already in fallopian tube, but no sperms available. Now sperms have to travel to reach the egg. Since male sperms are fast, so they will reach the egg first to start a pregnancy and you will conceive a boy. So sex near ovulation date is the best way to conceive a boy.

Use rice and potatoes to conceive a boy:

The scientists associated with embryology and works on test tube babies, they know it very well that the contents of cell culture are very important in growing and developing a specific type of gender of embryo. One of the best ways to allow male gender of embryo to grow very well is that the quantity of glucose should be high in cell culture. If level of glucose is high in the medium, male embryo develops and grow in a healthy way. This may be the same situation in the living body of a woman. If a woman has high level of glucose in its body, its body will prefer to conceive a boy. A body with lower level of glucose, do not like to conceive a boy and will prefer to conceive a girl. So if you want to know what is the best way to conceive a boy, you should increase the level of glucose in your body. For this purpose, two foods, potatoes and rice are most important. They are high in this ingredient. Try to start eating rice and potatoes regularly two months before your plan to conceive. In this way, at the time of starting of pregnancy, your body will have high amount of this ingredient and your chances will be high to get pregnant with a male baby.

Take a bath before making love:

Male sperms, which are responsible to start a pregnancy of male child, like low temperature. In high temperature, their movement becomes slow. To make them cool, nature has placed them outside the body in small balls. Taking a bath before starting love can help lowering their temperature. If they are cool, it is the best way to conceive a boy. Bath and other cooling methods are good home remedies for baby boy. Taking a bath can also refresh you and you can go for love more energetically. This can also add more positive effect in conceiving a boy. You can also wear loose clothes to lower the temperature.

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