What to eat to conceive a boy

Eating is the basic thing that can change the nature of your body. Your whole body words upon what you eat. When the aim is to learn what to eat to conceive a boy, you will have to learn how diet can help in conceiving a specific gender and what is type of such food. Certain types of food can affect the gender of baby. This has been proved in the recent days when a study was conducted by University of Exeter upon 740 pregnant women. It was found that those women who ate specific type of food before the start of pregnancy, conceived a specific gender in more ratio. And those women who ate other type of food in abundant, conceived other type of baby. So, you are asking what to eat to conceive a boy, here is the list of such type of diet.

What to eat to conceive a boy; Eat Salty Food:

If you are trying how to conceive a boy, you should take care about your diet. You need to know what to eat to conceive a boy. Salty foods are very helpful in this regard and increases your chances to conceive a male child. Sodium present in the salt may alter the chemistry of cervical fluid and make it favorable for the Y-sperms to move easily. Sodium reduces the PH level of cervical fluid making it alkaline. It also makes this fluid thin and slim which help male sperms to pass away efficiently.

There are many ways to take sodium in your body. You can use salt in your food directly. However, you can also eat natural salty foods which are high in sodium. Eating much sodium will increase your chances to conceive a boy. However, it will also increase your weight. For this reason, when you have conceived, stop eating salt or salty food. With using salty food, also try to eat high energy diet especially the cereals. Eating high energy diet triggers the body mode to conceive a boy rather to conceive a girl. Once you have conceived, you can go back to the normal food to avoid gaining extra weight.

What to eat to conceive a boy; Eat tomatoes, mushrooms and potatoes:

Certain foods enhance the pregnancy of male baby and certain enhance of female baby. Question is what to eat to conceive a boy. Here are some food which will surely increase your chances to conceive a boy. Mushrooms are very tasty. They contain vitamin D and potassium in abundant amount. Vitamin D is very necessary for the overall health of sperms. Healthy sperms are very necessary to conceive a male child. Potassium changes the PH of cervical fluid to alkaline. The alkaline PH of cervical fluid keeps the male sperms to swim fast and meet the egg first. Tomatoes are also high in sodium, potassium and vitamin C. Vitamin C is also very important for sperms health. It removes the defects of structure of sperms and boost their motility. If sperms are very motile, they can swim fast. Male sperms have advantage in speed over female sperms and can leave the female sperm behind to give you male baby.

Similarly starchy foods like potatoes and rice are also helpful in conceiving a boy baby. If level of glucose is high in body, it will like to start a male pregnancy. If level of glucose is low in body, it will like to start a female pregnancy. Starchy foods are very helpful in increasing the level of glucose in body.

Eat pickles to conceive a male baby:

Before starting of pregnancy, try to eat more pickles. They are considered to use to get relief from pregnancy cravings. However, it can also be used to conceive a boy. They are high in salt and can change the quality of cervical mucus. High quality of mucus is produced through which sperms can move easily and quickly. To make pickles more effective, you can also add some fine quality salt in it. Try to use it daily especially with your lunch. It will not only help your digestive system, but it will also help you get pregnant with a male child.

You can also eat other foods which are high in sodium. If I want a baby boy, I will eat Cheese, instant soups, roasted and salted nuts and seeds and canned vegetables as they are high in sodium. They will help to produce a high quality mucus and thus your chances to conceive a boy will increase. Cardoon, beets, carrots and seaweed are at top level of vegetables which are high in sodium. Also, try to eat as much as you can because a body with high level of calorie, likes to start a pregnancy of a baby boy rather a baby girl.

Avoid Calcium and Magnesium diet:

Calcium and Magnesium diet is helpful in conceiving a baby girl. It is said that there are two sets of food. Calcium and Magnesium favors female baby and Potassium and Sodium favors male baby. So, if you want to conceive a boy, you should eat second type of diet. It will increase your chances of getting pregnant with a boy. Calcium is acidic in nature and changes the PH to acidic that is not suitable for male germs. It also thickens the cervical fluid which creates hindrances in the movement of sperms. Male sperms, being weaker, die soon in combating this hindrance and your chances to conceive a female baby increases. On the other hand, you should eat Potassium and Sodium to conceive a boy. Sodium raises the PH to make it alkaline that is suitable for male sperms to move quickly and safely. You can eat salt directly or vegetables that are high in salt.

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